Lori has a blast taking photos of all different things, although she admits that portraits are her favorite! Everyone is beautiful, and that natural beauty is best captured when people are acting and feeling naturally. Lori has been told over and over that she has a rare gift of making even the most camera-shy people feel comfortable during her photo shoots!

In addition to people and events, Lori also shoots real estate, art, jewelry, and has a vast selection of Fine Art Photography for sale. She's also creative, meticulous & very proficient in her Graphic and Web Design!

Lori's gratitude runs deep, as she left over a decade in the IBM corporate world behind in 2008 to follow her dreams of living a more creative life. Photography and Graphic&Web Design have given her that outlet, and combined with her professionalism and meticulousness of yesteryear, she can effortlessly help her clients from start to finish on most of their big projects!

"To all my past, present, and future clients, I feel so graciously blessed to be serving some of the best clients in the Universe. Thank you for making my work feel a lot more like play!"