The Art of Imagery has illuminated my heart & soul, as if awakening me from a deep sleep. I intend to nurture and share the gifts I've been given with as many people as possible! I've been told over and over that my photos bring out the true essence of a person's character, like a sacred doorway into their soul. I believe in being real with my clients, and while I gently guide, I let them lead and I never judge. It really does make a huge difference who's behind the camera, and how comfortable that person makes you feel. Trust your gut. Invest in preserving these magical memories, feeling and looking natural, through and through. Call today.

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Guestbook for Sunflower Studios - Lori Nagel
Karen Weikle(non-registered)
Lori at Sunflowers Studios is a sweet, professional lady. Her work is more then 5 stars. She captured my grand daughter's personality in every photo. (Grand daughter is 2 and has a mind of her own!!!) I am having a hard time picking the photos I want printed because there are so many good ones to choose from. Thanks again Lori for all you did to give us great memories of Meadow's 2nd birthday!
Vickie Helm(non-registered)

Your work is AMAZING! The way you capture a persons authenticiy and soul through photography is magic. I loved our photo shoots.

Your site is very nicely done. Thank you for serving your community by preserving our memories.

Vickie Helm
love your montage of photos and music! Very good advertising!
Ann Skladanek - Rune Reader(non-registered)
Five Stars *****
*~\|/~* Lori is an amazing photographer! *~\|/~*

I’ve always been terrified in front of a camera, and Lori is the only photographer who has put me at ease. (I’ve recently has a photo shoot at a Target Portrait Studio – the photographer was aloof, the results were frightening and disastrous!) I needed a professional photo in a hurry and Lori worked me in the next day. She was able to capture some wonderful images, perhaps even my inner essence. With her relaxed manner, and her casual-professional home studio, she made this experience and ‘Experience’!

I whole-heartedly recommend Lori for ALL your photo needs - even if it's just a little photo of yourself for yourself - you'll smile each time you look at it, because she makes you look as amazing on the outside as you are on the inside.

Thanks, Lori – you’re my ‘go-to’ photographer from now on!
Sunflower Studios - Lori Nagel
Blow me away! I love the charter school pics the most I think...
although i haven't seen everything yet. So impressive artistically and technically. An artist and a killer. I think you could make a fortune
doing corporate work (people, places, things). You're so good at
humanizing people (sounds weird, but you know what I mean, right?) and
products (the earings are so animated) and environment are more alive
than 'landscapes'... Jeez Lori, your work is really special. I knew a commercial photographer who made a ton of money doing artsy corporate
portraits and 'cool' products but he didn't have your eye... and his
work was stiff and stilted and all about him. Blech. You really draw
the most out of your subjects. Your work is so striking technically but
it's all about enhancing the subject without getting in the way or
injecting a false note. wow, if I had your talent I'd quit IBM too...
love, Michal
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